Ans que sim reston de branchas
sec ni despuelhat de fuelha
farai, c'Amors m'o comanda,
breu chanson de razon lonia,
que gen m'a ducx de las artz de s'escola:
tan sai que'l cors fas restar de suberna
e mos buous es pro plus correns que lebres.
Before the tops of the branches become
withered and stripped of leaves
I'll write, since Love so orders me
a short song on a long matter,
since well I was taught in the arts of its school:
I know so much that I can stay the running flow
and my oxes are much more quick than hares.



Ab razos coindas et franchas
m'a mandat qu'ieu no m'en tuelha
ni autra no serva ni'n blanda
pus tan fai qu'ab si m'aconia,
e'm ditz que flors no'il semble de viola
que's camja leu si tot noquas iverna,
anz per s'amor sia laurs o genebres.

With words good and fair
she's told me to turn not away
nor to serve and flatter another one
in the way she so likes in me,
and tells to resemble not the violet flower
that changes fast, even when it's not at all cold,
instead, for her love's sake, to be like laurel or juniper.

Ditz "Tu, qu'alhors non t'estanchas
per autra que't denh ni't cuelha;
totz plaitz esquiv'e desmanda
sai e lai qui que't somonia,
que's clama folh qui se meteis afola;
e tu no far falha don hom t'esquerna
mas apres Dieu lieis honors e celebres.

She says:"You, care not to settle elsewhere,
for another one that cares for you;
all dates skip and delay
whoever and wherever calls you,
because he's a fool who harms himself;
and don't fail so to be scolded
but after God, only her celebrate and praise.


E tu c'o aus, non t'afranchas
per respieg qu'amar no't vuelha:
sec, s'il te fui ni't fai guanda,
que greu er qu'om no'i aponia
qui s'afortis de preiar e no cola,
qu'en passera part las palutz d'Uzerna
Mon Pelegrin lai on cor en jos Ebres."
And you, who hear, do not free yourself
telling that she won't love you:
go on, if you she flees and shuns,
hardly a man can fail his aims
that insists in pleading and does not give up:
he'd pass safe through the swamps of Uzerna
to the Pilgrim's Mount, where Ebres runs and jousts."



S'ieu n'ai passatz pons ni planchas
per lieis, cujatz qu'ieu m'en duelha?
Non eu, qu'ab joi es vianda
me sap far mezina conia
baizan tenen, e'l cors, si tot si vola,
no's part de lieis qui'l capdel'e'l governa.
Cors, on qu'ieu an, de lieis no't luins ni't sebres!

If I crossed bridges and planks
for her, d'you think I complain?
Not I, that from joy only, without any food,
know how to mix a joyous drug,
kissing and hugging, and my heart, even if it flies,
does not part from her that keeps and rules it.
Heart, wherever I go, don't move nor part from her!

De part Nil entro c'a Sanchas
genser no's vest ni's despuelha,
e sa beatatz es tan granda
que semblaria'us messonia;
be'm vai d'Amor, que m'abrassa e m'acola,
e no'm frezis freitz ni gels ni buerna,
ni'm fai doler mals ni gota ni ni febres.

From where is Nile to Saintes
a kinder one does not dress nor undress,
and her beauty's so great
that it would seem false;
Love's good to me, that has her kiss and hug me,
and nor cold nor ice nor hoar can chill me,
nor makes me ache pain nor disease nor fever.


Sieus es Arnautz del sim tro en la sola
e no vuelh ges ses lieis aver Lucerna
ni'l senhoriu del renc per on cort Ebres.
Hers is Arnautz from the top to the ground
and doesn't want to have without her Luzerne
nor the kingdom through wich the Ebres flows.

Lancan vei fueill'e flor e frug
parer des arbres el ramel
e aug lo chan que fan e'l brug
ranas el riu, el bosc l'auzel,
adonc mi fueill'e'm flor'e'm fruch'Amors
el cor tan gen qe la nueg mi ressida
can autra gen dorm e pauz'e sojorna.

When I see leaves and flowers and fruit
peeking from boughs of the tree
and hear the song they make, and the sound
of frogs in the streams, in the wood the bird,
then sprouts and blooms and bears fruits of Love
my heart, so pleasantly that it wakes me up at night
when others sleep, and naps and rests.

Er sai eu c'Amors m'a condug
el sieus plus seguran castel
don non dei renda ni trahug,
anz men fag don e chapdel;
non ai poder ni cor qe'm vir aillors,
q'enseniamenz e feeutatz plevida
lai pren estar, car bon pretz s'i adorna.

Now, I know Love has lead me
in his safest stronghold
and I owe Him no fief nor toll,
rather, He made of it my gift and my haven;
I have no will nor nerve to turn elsewhere,
since courtesy and granted faithfulness
take place there, since worth is so embellished.


Amors de vos ai fag estug
lonjamen verai e fizel,
c'anc non fiz ganda no esdug
d'amar anz m'era bon e bel:
e vos faitz me dels gran afans secors,
Merces d'aitan qe'l miels aia eslida
don par soleils jusqu'al ser que s'ajorna.
Love, I have been your shelter
long-lasting, faithful and true,
since never I've restrained myself
from loving, it was good and fair to me:
and you, help me in this dire throe,
you Mercy since I've chosen the best that lives
from whence the sun comes up to where it rests at night.



D'enjan mi tuel e d'enuech fug
per Amor ab que m'atropel,
don ai un tal ver dir adug
re no sai qe mentirs espel:
oimais pres eu ben pauc lauzenjadors
per so q'eu voil m'en vol sil c'ai cobida
e eu sol soi qe'ls sieus ditz non trastorna.

I leave deceit and escape spleen
because of Love that mustered me,
gifting me with so true a word
that I don't know what lying means:
now I give take little heed of slanderers
since I know I want, and she wants me whom I've coveted
and I am not one to turn back on his words.

Si l'auzes dir ben saubron tug
qe Jois mi monta'l cor en cel,
car deport mi creis e desdug
la bela qe d'amor apel:
mon bon esper mi dobla sa valors
car qi mais val mais dopta far faillida,
ez il non es de re trista ne morna.

If I dared say it, everybody would well know it
that Joy hoists my heart to the sky,
since disport and pleasure are increased
by the beauty that calls me her love:
my good hope is doubled by her worth
the more one is worthy the more he fears a failure;
and she is neither sour nor wicked.


D'aqest amor so loin fordug
domneador feinen fradel;
pero si's n'an main pretz destrug
tal qe's fan coinde ez isnel;
et eu qe soi dels leials amadors
estau jauzens, c'Amors e Jois mi guida
lo cor en joi, qe aillors no's trastorna.
From this love are kept far away
hypocrite and foolish suitors;
though there are that have spoilt much worth
pretending to be courteous and solicitous;
and I, that am a fair lover,
I am rejoyicing, since Joy and love are leading
my heart to joy, and it turns nowhere else.



Vai t'en chanzos, a la bela de cors
e dijas li c'Arnautz met en oblida
tot'autr'amor per leis vas cui s'atorna.

Go then, song, to that beautiful sweetheart
and tell her that Arnaut forgets
all other loves to turn towards her.


L'aur amara
fa'ls bruels brancutz
que'l dous'espeis'ab fuelhs,
e'ls letz
dels auzels ramencx
te babs e mutz,
e non pars,
per que m'esfortz
per far e dir
a manhs per lei
qui m'a virat bas d'aut,
don tem morir
si l'afans no m'asoma.

The bitter air
makes those bough-laden woods
which the sweet one thickens with leaves,
and the gleeful
of the wandering birds
it keeps stammering and dumb,
and single ones,
therefore I endeavour
to act and speak
to many for her
who has turned me low from lofty,
for whom I dread to die
if my grievance isn't eased.


Tan fo clara
ma prima lutz
lei don cre'l cors los huelhs,
non pretz
mans dos aigovencx
d'autra, s'esdutz
mos preiars:
pero deportz
m'es ad auzir
bos motz segrei
de lieis don tan m'azaut
qu'al sieu servir
sei del pe tro c'al coma.
So bright it was
my first enlightenment
in choosing
her, on whom my heart believes my eyes,
I don't care for
inviting becks
of another woman, if she turns away
my rare
but it is joy
to me to hear
her wish;
I shall follow the fair words
of her who has taken me so much
that in serving her
I am from head to toe.



Amors, guara!
sui be vengutz?
tem far, si'm dezacuelhs
tal detz
que t'es mielhs que't trencx,
qu'ieu sui fis drutz,
e non vars;
ma'l cors ferm fortz
me fai cobrir
mainhs vers,
qu'ap tot lo nei,
m'agr' ops us bais al caut
cor refrezir,
que no'i val autra goma.

Hist, Love!
am I welcome?
To display
I fear, if you repel me
such words
that you'd better cut this,
since I'm a faithful lover,
and not fleeting;
but my firm, strong heart
makes me conceal
many sides that,
albeit I deny it,
I'd need a kiss my hot
heart to refresh,
since other drugs are useless.

Si m'ampara,
silh que'm trautz,
qui es de pretz capduelhs,
dels quetz
qu'ai dedins a rencx
l'er for rendutz
mos pensars:
quieu fora mortz
mas fa'm sufrir
que'lh prec que'm brei,
qu'aisso'm te let e baut,
que d'als jauzir
non val jois un poma.

If he agrees,
he who's racking me,
to make me closer
to that epitome of worth,
of the mute
which huddle inside me
shall be made to her
my thoughts:
that I would be dead
but helps me endure
that hope
which I endear her to shorten,
which alone keeps me gay and joyful,
since of other joys
none's worth a minnow.


Doussa car'a
totz aips volgutz,
m'er per vos manhs erguelhs,
quar etz
de totz mos fadencx
don ai manhs brutz
e guabars
de vos no'm tortz
ni'm fai partir
c'anc non amei
ren tan amens d'ufaut,
ans vos dezir
plus que Dieu silh de Doma.
Sweet visage
crowded with all qualities,
to endure
from your hands shall be pride,
since you are
the end
of all my follies
because of which I have suffered many ill
but scoffing
doesn't turn me from you
nor makes me part
since never I have loved
so vainlessly a thing,
rather I long for you
more than those of Doma long for God.



Ara't para,
chans e condutz,
al rei qui te rucuelhs,
quar Pretz,
sai, lai es doblencx,
e mantegutz
e manjars:
de joi la't portz.
son anel mir
si'l ders,
qu'anc non estei
jorn d'Araguo que'l saut
no'i volgues ir;
mas sai m'an clamat: "roma!"

Now get you ready,
lyrics and song,
to show
before the king that welcomes you,
since Worth,
here, there is redoubled,
and kept is
the habit of giving gifts
and food:
gladly I bring you there.
Ah, for her wondrous ring
to behold!
Never I have been
far from Aragon that all of a sudden
I wouldn't crave to go there;
but here they have shouted: "Stay!"

Fez es l'acrotz:
qu'el cor remir
totz sers
lieis cui dompnei,
ses parsonier Arnaut,
qu'en autr'albir
n'esfort m'entent'a soma.

Done are the rhymes:
let the hart behold
every night
her which suits
her absent Arnaut,
since in other thought
I cannot put my whole will.

Amors e jois e luecs e temps
mi fan tornar lo sen en derc
d'aquel joi qu'avia l'autr'an
quan chassava lebr'ab lo bou:
ara'm va meils d'Amor e pieis,
car ben am, d'aizo'm clam astrucs;
ma Non-Amatz ai nom anquers
s'Amors no venz son dur cor e'l mieus precs.
Love and joy, and time and place
return me to my usual wits
from that yoke I had the other year,
when I went hunting hares with oxen:
now I'm better, Love-wise and worse,
since I love well, and for that I call myself lucky;
but still is my name Not-Loved
if Love doesn't win her stark heart, and my pleads.



Cel que totz bes pert a ensems,
mestiers l'es qe ric seignor cerc
per restaurar la perd'e'l dan,
qe'l paubres no'il valri'un ou:
per zo m'ai eu chauzit en leis
don non aic lo cor ni'ls oils clucs,
e pliu't, Amors, si la'm conqers,
trevas tostemps ab totas fors dels decs.

He who loses all his wealth together,
ought to look for a rich lord
to restore his loss and harm,
since a poor one wouldn't be worth to him a minnow:
for that I have chosen her
to whom my heart nor my eyes have ever been closed,
and I vow, Love, if you conquer her for me,
peace forever with all the others.

Pauc pot hom valer de joi sems;
per me'l sai que l'ai agut berc,
car per un sobrefais d'afan
don la dolor del cor non mou
-e s'ab joi l'ira no'm foreis...-
tost m'auran mei paren faducs;
pero tal a mon cor convers
q'en lais amar volgra morir senecs.

He's worth little a man wanting joy;
I know it well, I've had mine spoiled,
since for an excess of toil
the pain of which won't leave my heart;
and if sadness doesn't leave as joy did
soon shall have me my relatives insane;
but such is the one that has turned my heart
that I would die old, loving her.


Non sai om tan si'en Dieu frems,
ermita ni monge ni clerc,
com ieu sui seleis de cui chan,
e er proat anz de l'annou;
liges sui seus meilz qe demeis,
si'm for'eu si fos reis o ducs:
tant es en lieis mos cors esmers
qe s'autra'n voil ni'n deing donc si'eu secs.
I don't know man so firm in God,
hermit nor monk nor cleric,
as I am in her of whom I sing,
and that'll be proven ere new year comes;
I am more faithful to her than to a half of myself,
and so I would be if I were king or duke:
so pure it is my heart in her
that I'd be blind ere I long for another one.



D'aizo c'ai tant duptat e crems
creis ades e meillur e'm derc,
que's reproers c'auzi antan
me dis que tan trona tro plou;
e s'ieu mi pec cinc anz o seis,
ben leu, can sera blancs mos sucs,
jauzirai zo per qu'er sui sers,
c'aman preian s'afranca cor ufecs.

For that of whom I've so feared and doubted
I now grow better and loftier,
since an adage I have heard once
tells me it thunders as long as it rains;
albeit I fail five years or six,
how gladly, when my hair'll be hoary,
I'll enjoy that for which I suffer,
as loving and pleading the scornful heart is sweetened.

De luencs suspirs e de grieus gems
mi pot trar cella cui m'aerc
c'ades ol per un bel semblan
n'ai mogut mon chantar tut nou.
Contramon vauc e no m'escreis,
car gent mi fai cujar mos cucs.
Cor, vai sus! ben fas si't suffers:
sec tant q'en leis c'as encubit no't pecs.

Out of long sighing and grievous wailing
can take me the one I uplift myself for
since now for a seemly visage only
I have stirred a wholly new song.
I walk up the slope and I don't complain,
since gently this mountain moves me to think.
Go up, heart! it is well you suffer:
go on as long as you don't fail in the one you brood.


Ans er plus vils aurs non es fers
c'Arnautz desam leis ont es fermanz necs.
Gold shall be viler than iron
before Arnaut leaves loving the one he's secretly devoted to.

Autet e bas entre'ls prim fuelhs
son nou de flors els ram li renc,
e no'i te mut bec ni guola
nuls auzels, ans brai e canta
en son us:
per joi qu'ai d'els e del temps
chan, mas Amors mi assauta,
que'ls motz ab lo so acorda.

High and low among the first leaves
the boughs and logs are fresh with flowers,
and there keeps dumb its bill or throat
no bird, instead they tweet and sing
each of them
according to its kind:
out of joy I have me of them and the season
I sing, but Love assaults me,
who matches the words with the song.

Dieu o grazisc e a mos huelhs,
que per lor conoissensa'm venc
Jois qu'a dreit auci e fola
l'ira qu'ieu n'aui e l'anta.
Ar vau sus
qui que'n mus
d'Amor, don sui fis e frems,
qu'ab lieis qu'al cor plus m'azauta
sui liatz ab ferma corda.

I give thanks to God and my eyes,
since out of their knowledge it came
Joy, which rightfully slays and upbraids
all the sadness and shame I have had.
Now I walk over
anybody who waits
for Love, to whom I am faithful and steady,
since to the one that most assails my heart
I am bound with a sturdy tether.


Merces, Amors, qu'aras m'acuelhs!
Tart mi fo, mas en grat m'o prenc,
quar, si m'art dins la meola
lo fuecs non vuelh que s'escanta;
mas pels us
estauc clus
qui d'autrui joi fan greus gems,
e pustel'ai'en sa gauta
selh qu'ab lieis se dezacorda.
Gramercy, Love, that now welcome me!
Sour it has been, but I'm grateful nonetheless,
since, though it burns in my marrow,
that fire I don't want it to be extinguished;
but for some
I'll hush
who shed high wails for others' joy,
may he have a bleb on his cheek
he who with Love disagrees.



De bon'amor falsa l'escuelhs,
e drutz es tornatz en fadenc,
qui di que'l parlars no'l cola
nulha re qu'al cor crebanta
de Pretz l'us;
quar enfrus
es d'aquo qu'ieu molt ai crems;
e qui de parlar tressauta
dreitz es qu'en la lengua's morda.

He falsifies love's worthy teaching,
he turns a lover to a fool,
he who tells that talk doesn't expose
anything that bars to one's heart
Worth's threshold;
since it is greedy
of that which I fear so much;
and he who exceeds in talking
it's just right he bites his tongue.

Vers es qu'ieu l'am, e es orguels:
mas ab jauzir celat lo trenc;
qu'anc pus sainh Paul fe pistola
ni nuls hom dejus caranta,
no pot plus
neis Jhesus
far de tals, quar a abstemps
los bos aips don es plus auta
selha qu'om per pros recorda.

True it is I love her, and of that I am proud:
but joyfully I keep it secret;
since even St. Paul made a letter
and somebody forty days of fasting,
nobody any more
not even Jesus
make one such, because in the same time
she has the good qualities for which stands highest
the one men renown for her virtues.


Pretz e Valors, vostre capduelhs
es la bella c'ab si'm retenc,
qui m'a sol e ieu lieis sola,
qu'autr'el mon no m'atalanta,
ans sui brus
e estrus
a'ls autras e'l cor tenc prems;
mas pel sieu joi trep'e sauta
no vuelh qu'autra m'o comorda.
Worth and Prize she's your demesne
the one that so fetters me to herself,
which holds me only and I only her,
since no one else in the World attracts me,
instead I am rude
and moody
with the others and keep my heart locked;
but for her joy it jumps and dances
I don't want anyone else to take it.



Arnautz ama e non di nemps,
qu'Amors m'afrena la gauta
que fols guaps non la comorda.

Arnaut loves and doesn't tell much,
since Love stops my tongue
so that no madded boasting possesses it.


En breu brizara'l temps braus
e'l biza, e'l brus e'l blancx
qui s'entresenhon trastuig
de sobre claus ram de fuelha:
qu'ar no'i chant'auzel ni piula,
m'ensenh Amors qu'ieu fassa donc
chan que non er segons ni tertz,
ans prim d'afrancar cor agre.

Soon the bad season will cease
and the gale, and the dusk and the hoar
now appearing clearly
over boughs void of any leaf:
since now no bird there sings or chirps,
Love then bids me stir
such a song as to be neither second nor third,
but first in sweetening a sour heart.


Amors es de pretz la claus
e de proeza us estancx
don naisson tut li bon frug,
s'es qui leialmen los cuelha,
que un delis gels ni niula,
mentre que's noiris el bon tronc:
mas si'l romp trefas ni culvertz,
peris tro leial lo sagre.
Love is the key to Worth
and of valour the paramount
where all the best fruits are born,
if there's one to pluck them fairly,
since non is spoilt by frost or fog,
while it feeds on the good bole:
but if broken by the wicked or treacherous,
it withers until a righteous lover blesses it.



Falhirs emendatz es laus;
e ieu senti'm n'ams los flancx
que mais n'ai d'amor ses cug
que tals qu'en parl'e's n'orguelha,
que piegz me fa'l cor de friula;
mentr'ela'm fes semblant embronc,
mais volgr'ieu trair pen'els desertz
on anc non ac d'auzels agre.

To stand corrected in wrong is praise;
and I feel in both my flanks
that I bring more love, doubtlessly
than those that talk and brag,
since it makes my heart more feeble;
while she was smirking at me,
I would more gladly have roamed, penitent, in deserts
where no bird has ever nested.

Bona doctrina e suaus
e cors clars, suptils e francx
manda'm er al ferm condug
de leis don plus vuelh que'm cuelha,
quar, si'm fo fera escriula,
era jauzen breuja'm temps lonc,
qu'il m'es plus fina e ieu lieis sertz
que Talant e Meleagre.

Fair teachings and sweet
and a fair, subtle and earnest heart
now entrust me to the firm command
of the one whose welcoming I long for the most,
since, if once she was to me cold and unreachable,
now with joy she curtails my long time,
since she's to me more faithful and I to her more subservient
than Atalanta and Meleager.


Tan dopti que per non-aus
devenc soven ners e blancx;
si m'a'l sen Desirs forsdug
non sap lo cors trep o's duelha;
mas Jois qui d'esper m'afiula
m'encolpa quar no la somonc,
per que sui del prec tan espertz
non ai d'als talan neis magre.
I fear so much that, not daring
I often become black and white;
and Desire has me so much out of my wit
that I don't know whether my heart weeps or rejoices;
but Joy, which wreaths me with hope
blames me because I don't ask her for love,
since I am so eager of pleading
that I don't seem to wish for anything else.



Pensar de liei m'es repaus,
e tragua'm ambs los huelhs crancx
s'a lieis vezer no'ls estug;
e'l cor non creatz qu'en tuelha,
quar orars ni jocx ni viula
no'm pot de lieis un travers jonc
partir...qu'ai dig? Dieu, tu m'o mertz
o'm peris el pelac agre.

To think of her is my rest,
and may cancer gnaw both my eyes
if I don't keep them just to behold her;
and don't think I turn elsewhere my heart,
since neither prayer nor game nor viola
can part me from her the length of a reed...
what did I say? God, help my merits
or may the bitter ocean have me.

Arnautz vol sos chans sia ufertz
lai on dous motz mou en agre.

Arnaut wishes his song is offered
here where a sweet word begins with "agre".

Sol sui qui sai lo sobrafan qu'em sortz
al cor d'amor sofren per sobramar,
que mos volers es tant ferms et entiers
c'anc non s'esduis de celliei ni s'estors
cui encubic al prim vezer s'e puois:
c'ades ses lieis dic a lieis cochos motz;
puois quand la vei non sai, tant l'ai, que dire.

I only know the grief which raises
in a love-ridden heart for over-loving,
since my will is so firm and whole
that it never parted or grew distant from her
whom I longed for from the first acquaintance and after:
and now, without her, I tell her burning words;
then, when I see her I don't know, so much I have to, what to say.



D'autras vezer sui secs e d'auzir sortz
q'en sola lieis vei e aug e esgar,
e jes d'aisso no'il sui fals plazentiers
que mais la vol non ditz la bocha'l cors,
qu'ieu non vau tant chams vauz ni plas ni puois
q'en un sol cors trob aissi bons aips totz,
q'en lieis los volc Dieus triar e assire.

For seeing others I am blind, deaf for hearing them
since in her only I see, and hear and take heed,
and in that I surely don't stir flattery
since the heart desires her more than mouth may say,
wherever I roam through fields and valleys, plains and mountains
I shan't find all those qualities in a single body
which God wanted to gather and place in hers.

Bon ai estat a maintas bonas cortz,
mas sai ab lieis trob pro mais que lauzar:
mesur'e sen e autres bos mestiers,
beutat, joven, bos faitz e bels demors;
gen l'enseignet cortesia la duois
tant a de si totz faitz desplazens rotz
de lieis non cre res de ben si'a dire.

Surely I have been in many a good court,
but here by her I find much more to praise:
measure and wit and other good virtues,
beauty and youth, worthy deeds and fair disport;
so goodly kindness taught her and instructed her
that it has rooted every manner foul from her:
I don't think she wants anything good.


Nuills jauzimen no'm fora breus ni cortz
de lieis cui prec q'o vuoilla devinar,
o ja per mi non o sabra estiers
si'l cors ses dich no's presenta defors,
que jes Rozers, per aiga qe l'engrois,
non a tal briu c'al cor plus larga dotz
no'm fass', estanc d'amor, qan la remire.
No joy would be brief or short
coming from her which I endear to guess it,
otherwise she won't know it from me
if heart cannot reveal itself without words,
since even the Rhone, when raindrops swell it,
has no such rush that heart a larger flow
doesn't yield me, weary of love, when I behold her.



Jois e solatz d'autra'm par fals e bortz,
c'una de pretz ab lieis no'is pot egar,
qe'l sieus solatz es dels autres sobriers.
Hai, si no l'ai, las, tan mal m'a comors!
Pero l'afans m'es deportz, ris e jois,
car en pensan sui de lieis lecs e glotz:
hai Dieus, si ja'n serai estiers gauzire!

Joy and merriment from another looks fake and ill,
since no worthy one can compare with her,
and her speech is above the others'.
Aye me, if I don't have her, alas, so badly she has taken me!
But this grief is amusement, laughter and joy,
since in thinking of her, of her I am gluttonous and greedy:
aye me, God, could I ever enjoy her otherwise!

Anc mais, so'us pliu, no'm plac tant treps ni bortz,
ni res al cor tant de joi no'm poc dar
cum fertz aquel, don anc feinz lausengiers
non s'esbruic, c'a mi sol so's tresors.
Dic trop? ieu non, sol lieis non si'enois:
bella, per Dieu, lo parlar e la votz
vuoill perdr'enans que diga ren qe'us tire.

And never, I swear, I have liked game or ball so much,
or any thing has given my heart so much joy
as did the one that no false slanderer
made public, which is a treasure for me only.
Do I tell too much? not me, unless she is displeased:
beautiful one, by God, speech and voice
I'd lose ere I say something which annoys you.


E ma chanzos prec que no'us si'enois
car, si voletz grazir lo son e'ls motz,
pauc prez'Arnautz cui que plass'o que tire.
And I pray my song does not displease you
since, if you would like the music and lyrics,
little cares Arnaut whether the unpleasant ones like it too.

En cest sonnet coind' e leri
Fauc motz e capug e doli,
E seran verai e cert
Quan n-aurai passat la lima ;
Qu'Amors marves plan' e daura
Mon chantar, que de liei mou
Qui pretz manten e governa.

На эту мелодию, изящную и легкую,
Я сочиняю слова, я их обделываю и обстругиваю,
Они будут искренны и уверенны,
Когда я им придам окончательный вид.
Ведь любовь тотчас же полирует и золотит
Мою песню, на которую вдохновляет (меня) моя Дама,
Та, которая защищает и управляет всеми добродетелями.

Tot jorn melhur et esmeri,
Car la gensor serv e coli
Del mon, so-us dic en apert.
Sieus sui dle pe tro qu-en cima,
E si tot venta ilh freid' aura,
L'amors qu'inz el cor mi plou
Mi ten chaut on plus iverna.

Каждый день я улучшаюсь и облагораживаюсь,*
Потому что я служу и почитаю наилучшую из дам
Во всем мире, я это говорю без обиняков.
Я принадлежу ей с ног до головы,
И сколько б ни дул холодный (северный) ветер,
Любовь, которая затопляет мое сердце,
Меня согревает в самой середине зимы.


Mil messas n'aug e-n proferi
e-n art lum de cera e d'oli
que Dieus m-en don bon issert
de lieis on no-m vail escrima ;
e quan remir sa crin saura
e-l cors gai, grailet e nou
mais l-am que qui-m des Luserna.
  Я слушаю и заказываю тысячи месс,
И сжигаю пламя воска и масла,
Для того чтобы Бог дал мне удачу
У той, против которой бесполезна всякая защита.
Когда я смотрю на ее светлые волосы,
На ее живое тело, нежное и новое,
Я люблю ее больше, чем даже если б мне предложили Люцерну.**



Tan l-am de cor e la queri
Qu-ab trop voler cub la'm toli,
S-om ren per be amar pert.
Que-l sieus cors sobretracima
Lo mieu tot e no s-eisaura ;
Tant a de ver fait renou
Qu-obrador n-a e taverna.

Я так люблю ее сердцем и желаю,
Что, от избытка страсти я думаю, я б вырвал ее (из сердца), если только можно потерять человека из-за любви к нему. Ведь ее сердце топит
Мое (сердце) полностью, волной, которая не испаряется.*** В этом она хорошая ростовщица
Так что уже имеет она и работника и дом.****

No vuolh de Roma l-emperi
Ni qu-om m-en fass' apostoli,
Qu-en lieis non aja revert
Per cui m-art lo cors e-m rima ;
E si-l maltrach no-m restaura
Ab un baisar anz d-an nou,
Mi auci e si enferna.

Я не хочу ни Римскую империю,
Ни чтобы меня назначили папой,
Если я не смогу вернуться к той,
Из-за кого мое сердце жжет и терзает меня.
Потому что если рна не излечит мою муку
Поцелуем, до (прихода) нового года,
Она меня убьет, а себя отправит в ад.


Ges pel maltrach qu-eu soferi
De ben amar no-m destoli,
Si tot me ten en desert,
Qu-aissi-n fatz los motz en rima.
Pieitz trac aman qu-om que laura,
Qu-anc plus non amet un ou
Cel de Moncli N'Audierna.
  Все же мука, которую я испытываю,
Не отвлекает меня от любви,
Хотя и удерживает меня в одиночестве.
Ведь она (т.е. мука) позволяет мне рифмовать слова (т.е. писать стихи). Любя, я устаю больше, чем обрабатывающий землю, ведь никогда не любил ни на унцию больше (даже) рыцарь Монкли даму Аудиерну.*****



Ieu sui Arnautz qu-amas l-aura
E chatz la lebr' ab lo bou
E nadi contra suberna.

Я - Арно, собирающий ветер,
Я охочусь на зайца с помощью быка
И плыву против течения.******


* la fin'amors считалась школой морального самосовершенствования.
** просто обозначает какой-то богатый город, которому поэт все равно предпочитает свою даму. В данном случае Люцерна либо 1) город в провинции Валенсия, в Испании, либо 2) город Lucerne-St. Jean, в Пьемонте, на северо-западе Италии.
*** сердце дамы настольо выше сердца поэта, что он отчаивается достигнуть его.
****метафора. Возможны два толкования: 1) поэт сравнивает даму, забравшую у него все, с ростовщиком, который заканчивает тем, что присваивает себе и вещи должника и самого должника. 2) "она осыпала меня такими дарами, что я могу выплатить проценты, лишь продав ей мое добро и самого себя."
***** герои неизвестного средневекового любовного или приключенческого романа, чья любовь, по мнению поэта, все-таки слабее его собственной любви.
******тройной образ, который показывает трудность и тщетность любовных притязаний поэта.