A la fontana del vergier,
On l'erb' es vertz josta.l gravier,
A l'ombra d'un fust domesgier,
En aiziment de blancas flors
E de novelh chant costumier,
Trobey sola, ses companhier,
Selha que no vol mon solatz.


By the fountain in the orchard,
Where the grass is green down to the sandy banks,
in the shade of a planted tree,
In a pleasant setting of white flowers
And the ancient song of the new season,
I found her alone, without a companion,
This girl who does not want my company.



So fon donzelh'ab son cors belh
Filha d'un senhor de castelh!
E quant ieu cugey que l'auzelh
Li fesson joy e la verdors,
E pel dous termini novelh,
E quez entendes mon favelh,
Tost li fon sos afars camjatz.

She was a young girl, and beautiful,
The daughter of a castle lord.
And just as I reckoned the birds
Must be filling her with joy, and the green things,
in this sweet new time,
And she would gladly hear my little speech,
suddenly her whole manner changed.




Dels huelhs ploret josta la fon
E del cor sospiret preon.
Ihesus, dis elha, reys del mon,
Per vos mi creys ma grans dolors,
Quar vostra anta mi cofon,
Quar li mellor de tot est mon
Vos van servir, mas a vos platz.

Her eyes welled up beside the fountain,
And she sighed from the depths of her heart,
"Jesus", she said,"King of the world,
Because of You my grief increases,
I am undone by your humiliation,
For the best men of this whole world
Are going off to serve you, that is your pleasure.



Ab vos s'en vai lo meus amicx,
Lo belhs e.l gens e.l pros e.l ricx!
Sai m'en reman lo grans destricx,
Lo deziriers soven e.l plors.
Ay mala fos reys Lozoicx
Que fay los mans e los prezicx
Per que.l dols m'es en cor intratz


"With you departs my so handsome,
gentle, valiant, noble friend;
here, with me, nothing of him remains but the great distress,
the frequent desiring, and the tears.
Ail damn King Louis, he gave
the orders and the sermons,
and grief invaded my heart."



Quant ieu l'auzi desconortar,
Ves lieys vengui josta.l riu clar :
Belha, fi.m ieu, per trop plorar
Afolha cara e colors!
E no vos cal dezesperar,
Que selh qui fai lo bosc fulhar,
Vos pot donar de joy assatz.

When I heard how she was losing heart,
I came up to her beside the clear stream.
"Beautiful one," I said "with too much weeping
you face grows pale, the color fades;
you have no reason to despair, now,
for He who makes the woods burse into leaf
has the power to give you joy in great abundance."




Senher, dis elha, ben o crey
Que Deus aya de mi mercey
En l'autre segle per jassey,
Quon assatz d'autres peccadors!
Mas say mi tolh aquelha rey
Don joys mi crec! mas pauc mi tey
Que trop s'es de mi alonhatz.

"Lord", she said, "I do believe
that God may pity me
in the next world, time without end,
like many other sinners,
but here He wrests from me the one thing
that made my joy increase.
Nothing matter now, for he has gone so far away."

D'aisso laus Dieu
E saint Andrieu
C'om non es de major albir
Qu'ieu sui, so.m cuig,
E no.n fatz bruig
E volrai vos lo per que dir.


For this I praise God
And Saint Andrew:
No man has more sense
Than I have, that's what I think.
And I'm not just making noise.
And I'll tell you why.



C'assatz es lait,
S'intratz en plait
Don non sabretz a lutz issir!
E non es bo
Digatz razo
Si non la sabetz defenir.

It is very unpleasant
When you get involved in arguing something
and you can't reach the light at the end,
and it is not good
To make judgments on any subject
You can't explain.




De gignos sens
Sui si manens
Que mout sui greus ad escarnir,
Lo pan del fol
Caudet e mol
Manduc e lais lo mieu frezir.

I am so rich in brilliant ideas,
I'm very hard to make
A fool of;
I eat the bread
Of the fool while it is soft
And warm, and let my own cool down."



Tant quant li dur,
Li pliu e.il jur
C'om no.m puosca de lui partir!
E quan li faill
Mus e badaill
E prenda del mieu lo dezir...


As long as his bread lasts
I swear to his, I pledge
That nothing could ever make me part from him,
and when he's out of his,
Let him stare at mine with his mouth open
And long for it;



Qu'ieu jutg'a drei
Que fols follei
E'l savis si gart al partir!
Qu'a dobl'es fatz
E dessenatz
Qui.s laiss'a fol enfolletir.

Because I think it is right
That a fool act like a fool
And a wise man watch out for what
he can come away with;
For he is doubly stupid
And brainless who lets a fool make a fool of him.




D'estoc breto
Ni de basto
No sab om plus ni d'escrimir!
Qu'ieu fier autrui
E.m gart de lui
E no.is sap del mieu colp cobrir.

With a Breton stick
Or any weapon
Or a sword, no one's better:
Because I hit the other man
And keep him from hitting me,
And he - he can't take cover from my blow.



En l'autrui broill
Chatz cora.m voill
E.i fatz mos dos canetz glatir!
E.l tertz s'ahus
Eis de rahus
Bautz et aficatz per ferir.


In another man's woods
I go hunting every time I want,
And I set my two little dogs barking,
And my third, my hound,
Thrusts forward,
All bold and fixed on the prey.



Mos alos es
En tal deves
Res mas ieu non s'en pot jauzir,
Aissi l'ai claus
De pens navaus
Que nuills no lo.m pot envazir.

My own private place
Is so safe
No one can enjoy it but me:
I've got it so locked up
And barricaded,
No one can force his way in.




De pluzors sens
Sui ples e prens
De cent colors per mieills chauzir!
Fog porti sai
Et aigua lai,
Ab que sai la flam' escantir.

I'm teeming
With the snakiest tricks,
With a hundred false colors (=lies) to choose the best from.
I carry fire here,
Water there,
That I can use to put out the flame.



Cascuns si gart,
C'ab aital art
M'er a viure o a morir!
Qu'ieu sui l'auzels
C'als estornels
Fatz los mieus auzellos noirir.


Let everyone watch out,
For with such art
I play at living and dying.
I am the bird that
gets the starlings
To feed my little ones.

Estornel, cueill ta volada:
Deman, ab la matinada,
Iras m'en un' encontrada,
On cugei aver amia!
E veiras
Per que vas!
Comtar l'as
E.ill diras
En eis pas
Per que se traslia.

Starling, take flight :
Tomorrow at daybreak
You go to a land
Where I thought I'd have a friend.
You will find her
And see her -
Here's why you go:
You will tell her,
Right on the spot,
Why she goes
Beyond all bounds.




No sai s'aissi.s fo fadada
Que no m'am e si' amada!
C'ab una sola vegada
Fora grans la matinia,
Si.ll plagues
Ni volgues
Qu'o fezes!
Per un mes
N'agra tres,
Aqui es
De sa companhia.

I don't know, maybe she was fated
To get my love without loving me;
But one single time,
What a great day,
If it pleased her,
If she wanted
Me to do it;
For one month
Is worth three,
To the man
Who breaks bread with her.



Ai com es encabalada
La falsa razos daurada,
Denan totas vai triada!
Va ben es fols qui s'i fia,
De sos datz
C'a plombatz
Vos gardatz,
N'a assatz,
So sapchatz,
E mes en la via.


Ai! How convincing it is,
This falsehood covered with gold:
"She is chosen among all women":
He is crazy who puts his trust there -
Watch out
For the dice
She has leaded,
She has taken in so many,
I tell you,
And left them
on the road.



Per semblant es veziada,
Plus que veilla volps cassada!
L'autrier mi fetz far la bada
Tota nueg entruesc' al dia.
Sos talans
Es volans
Ab enguans!
Mas us chans
Fa.n enfans
De lor felonia.

You can look at her and tell she has more tricks
that an old fox being chased.
The other day she made me wait around
with my mouth open the whole night long till day.
Her desire
Is flighty
And full of devices,
But every child
Makes songs of her,
such women for their cruelty.




Selui fadet gentils fada
A cui fo s'amors donada!
No fo tals crestianada
De sai lo peiron Elia!
Vol' e vai
Tot dreit lai,
E.l retrai
Qu'ieu morrai,
Si no sai
Consi jai
Nuda o vestia.

The man to whom her love was given -
A pagan fairy marked him out;
No baptized woman was ever like her
Between here and the cave of Elijah.
Fly, go
Straight there,
Tell her
I will die
Unless I know
How she lies down at night,
Naked or dressed.



Sa beutatz fon ab leis nada
Ses fum de creis ni d'erbada!
De mil amicx es cazada
E de mil senhors amia.
Ditz que l'us
Non es clus!
Bad e mus
Qui.ll vol plus
C'a raus
Part de la fraia.


Her beauty was born when she was,
Without vapors of cress, or fomentation of herbs.
She has a thousand friends on supply,
and of a thousand lords is the friend.
Says the door
Is never closed.
Let him gape and waste his time
Who looks for more in her -
He'll back off
And walk away from that treacherous bitch.



De fin' amor dezirada
Az una flor pic vairada
Plus que d'autruna pauzada.
Paucs fols fai tost gran folia.
Perdo.l grat
De l'abat
Saint Privat!
M'ai pensat
Ses cujat
Si.m ditz : mat,
Que l'amors embria.

She has one many-colored flower, always changing,
of perfect love long desired,
Better placed with her than any other woman.
A little fool soon commits great foolishness.
I forgive her the thanks
Of the Abbot
Of St. Privat
I figured,
When she tells me Checkmate,
Love will quickly swell forth.




Del deslei
Que me fei
Li fauc drei,
E.il m'autrei,
Mas sotz mei
Aplat sei,
Qu'ela.m lass' e.m lia.

The wrong
She did me
I forgive
And hand myself over;
Only, underneath me
Let her lie down on her back
And bind me and tie me up.

Ges l'estornels non s'oblida,
Quant ac la razon auzida,
C'ans ha sa vida cuillida,
Del dreg volar no s'alensa.
Tant anet
E volet
E seguet
Lo devet,
E trobet,
A chantar comensa.


The starling did not hesitate
Once it heard its mission,
Didn't even take its food,
Just flew straight ahead without stopping.
So fast
It flew,
It sought
And found
Her retreat,
And began to sing.



Sobr' una branca florida
Lo francx auzels brai e crida!
Tant ha sa votz esclarzida,
Qu'ela n'a auzit l'entensa.
L'us declui,
Lai s'esdui
Truesc' a lui.
Auzels sui,
Ditz : -- per cui
Fas tal brui
Ho cals amors tensa

On a flowering branch
The trusty bird bawls out and cried,
Lifts his voice so clear
She has heard his great effort,
Opens her door,
Comes over
To him.
"Now, Bird,
tell me, what's
the racket for,
or is it love that's driving you?"




Di l'estornels : part Lerida
A pros es tan descremida,
C'anc no saup plus de gandida,
Plena de falsa crezensa.
Mil amic
S'en fan ric:
Per l'abric
Que.us servic,
Lo meric
Del chairic
N'aura ses faillensa.

The starling says, "There's a valiant man
out there beyond Lerida you've been so vicious to,
he never found any defense against you,
you full of bad faith.
A thousand friends
Brag about you in public:
But the discretion
With which he served you -
He will get
His reward
For such restraint, make sure of that."



-- auzels, a tort m'a' nvazida!
Mas pos amor no.m ressida,
Mas qu'ieu no sui sa plevida,
En cug aver m'entendensa.
L'autr'am ieu,
So vueill ieu,
E badieu
Ses aisieu
Don m'eschieu
Tug de brieu,
Ses far contenensa.


"Bird, this attack of his is unkind.
But since your man cannot arouse my lasting love,
and provided I'm not bound to be his alone,
he can count on enjoying my inclination now.
I don't want
Some courtly lover,
Some simpleton
Who's no fun -
Such a one
I shake off fast
Without further ado.



Az una part es partida
Ma fin' amistatz plevida,
Son joc revit, si.l m'envida.
Auzels, per ta conoisensa,
So.l diguatz
Qu'en un glatz
Lev' e jatz,
Er l'abatz
Ans asatz
Que n'ajam lezensa.

"My sworn and loyal love
has taken off somewhere;
but I'll put some life into your man's game,
if he wants me to play.
Bird, as you can talk to him,
Tell him this: very quickly
Desire rises and dies;
Now calm him down,
Go quickly
While the moment
For our pleasure lasts.




La cambr'er de cel guarnida,
D'un ric jauzir per jauzida,
C'ab dous baizar s'es sentida
Desotz se plat de plazensa.
Vai e.l di
Qu'el mati
Que sotz pi
Farem fi,
Sotz lui mi,
D'esta malvolensa.

"Our chamber will be furnished with the sky,
a place of rich rejoicing for this joyous woman
who felt herself, once, with a sweet kiss,
overcome with pleasure.
Go, tell him,
Be here
In the morning;
Under the pine tree
We will end,
I beneath him,
All the bad blood between us."



Gent ha la razon fenida,
Estornels cui l'aura guida
Vas son senhor, com qu'estia!
vos ai amor de valensa.
C'als mil drutz
Ha rendutz
Mil salutz
E pagutz
Per condutz
Ses trautz
De falsa semensa.


This mission was handled with great tact
By the starling, now guided by the breeze
To its master, whom it shout to:
"I've got you a precious love:
to a thousand admirers
she has rendered
a thousand greetings,
and sated them
with dinners,
never granting
them the rotten fruit they crave."



S'al mati
L'es aqui
On vos di
E.us mandi,
Qu'el ardi
Del jardi
E que.us mat e.us vensa

"In the morning if you go
where she tells
and sends you,
in the struggle
in the garden
may she checkmate
and beat you."

Pax in nomine Domini
Fetz Marcabrus los motz e.l so.
Aujatz que di :
Cum nos a fait, per sa doussor,
Lo Seingnorius celestiaus
Probet de nos un lavador,
C'anc, fors outramar, no.n fon taus,
En de lai deves Josaphas:
E d'aquest de sai vos conort.

Peace in the name of the Lord !
Marcabru made the words and the melody.
Hear what he says:
How the Lord in heaven
Has made us, in his gentleness,
Within our reach, a washing place
Such as never was before, except beyond the sea,
way yonder toward the valley of Jehoshaphat:
but for this one near us now, I exhort you.



Lavar de ser e de maiti
Nos deuriam, segon razo,
Ie.us o afi.
Chascus a del lavar legor!
Domentre qu'el es sas e saus,
Deuri' anar al lavador,
Que.ns es verais medicinaus!
Que s'abans anam a la mort,
D'aut en sus aurem alberc bas.


To wash ourselves clean in the evening
and the morning it is right, it is just,
I assure you;
Every man has a chance to wash himself clean.
While he is yet safe and well
He must go to the washing place,
it is our true remedy,
for if we go to death before we are washed,
we shall not rise, we shall have our dwelling in Hell.



Mas Escarsedatz e No-fes
Part Joven de son compaigno.
Ai cals dols es,
Que tuich volon lai li plusor,
Don lo gazaings es enfernaus
S'anz non correm al lavador
C'ajam la boca ni.ls huoills claus,
Non i a un d'orguoill tant gras
C'al morir non trob contrafort.

But Meanness and Faithlessness
part Youth from his true companion.
Ai, what grief
that most of them wish to go
Where the great reward is the fire of Hell.
For if we do not run to the washing place
before we have closed our mouth and eyes,
There is not one so swollen with pride of life
but will find, at his dying, a mighty foe.




Que.l Seigner que sap tot quant es
E sap tot quant er e c'anc fo,
Nos i promes
Honor e nom d'emperador.
E.il beutatz sera, --sabetz caus --
De cels qu'iran al lavador
Plus que l'estela gauzignaus!
Ab sol que vengem Dieu del tort
Que.ill fan sai, e lai vas Domas.

For the Lord who knows all that is,
knows all that will be and ever was,
Promised us
there honor and the name of emperor.
And their beauty will be -
do you know what it will be, the beauty of those who will go to the washing place? Greater than the beauty of the morning star. Only, we must avenge God for the wrong they are doing to Him here, and over there near Damascus.



Probet del lignatge Cai,
Del primeiran home felho,
A tans aissi
C'us a Dieu non porta honor!
Veirem qui.ll er amics coraus!
C'ab la vertut del lavador
Nos sera Jhezus comunaus!
E tornem los garssos atras
Qu'en agur crezon et en sort


In the lineage of Cain,
The first criminal man,
Are many like him,
Not one brings honor to God.
We shall see who will be the friend of God in his heart.
For by the power of the washing place
we shall all have Jesus together.
And now let us turn back those brutes
who put their faith in divination, in the entrails of birds.



E.il luxurios corna-vi,
Coita-disnar, bufa-tizo,
Remanran inz el felpidor!
Dieus vol los arditz e.ls suaus
Assajar a son lavador!
E cil gaitaran los ostaus!
E trobaran fort contrafort,
So per qu'ieu a lor anta.ls chas.

And all the lustful - the one who toots his horn for wine,
the eager eater, the fire blower,
the squatter with his rump on the road -
all shall be left where the refuse is heaped up for burning.
God wants to test the brave and the meek
in his washing place,
and these shall keep watch on His dwelling placed,
and they shall find a mighty enemy, and
so I pursue them on to the place of humiliation.




En Espaigna, sai, lo Marques
E cill del temple Salamo
Sofron lo pes
E.l fais de l'orguoill paganor,
Per que Jovens cuoill avol laus.
E.l critz per aquest lavador
Versa sobre.ls plus rics captaus
Fraitz, faillitz, de proeza las,
Que non amon Joi ni Deport.

Here, in Spain, the Marquis
and the men of Solomon's temple
Bear the burden
And the weight of the pagans' arrogance:
For this the young must reap disgrace.
The wailing for this washing place
Pours out upon the mightiest lords,
Broken men, failed men, weary of prowess,
Who do not love joy and courtliness.



Desnaturat son li Frances,
Si de l'afar Dieu dizon no,
Qu'ie.us ai comes.
Antiocha, Pretz e Valor
Sai plora Guiana e Peitaus.
Dieus, Seigner, al tieu lavador
L'arma del comte met en paus:
E sai gart Peitieus e Niort
Lo Seigner qui ressors del vas.


The French are degenerate
If they say no to God's task,
For I know how things stand
With Antioch: glory and valor
Are wept for in Guyenne and Poitou.
Lord God, in your holy washing place
Let the soul of the Count dwell in peace;
And here may Poitou and Niort be safe in the care of the Lord who rose up from the Sepulcher.




(Это песня о крестовом походе. Два "умывальника" - это две Святая Земля и владения мавров в Испании. В последнем куплете, "Маркиз" - это Раймон Беранжер IV Барселонский; "люди Соломонова храма" - рыцари ордена Тамплиеров; "умывальник" в последнем куплете - рай.)